Monday, March 4, 2019

Motu Junrei

Hauraki Gulf



From the restoration trust we learn there is a nursery and a forest project underway, hurrah!

The island is undergoing a major transformation with volunteers from the community planting a native forest. Since 1994 approximately 100 hectares have been planted with over 500,000 eco sourced native saplings raised in the Trust’s island nursery by volunteers. The Home Bay Forest is the largest area of native trees, many now over seven metres high with dozens of native seedlings regenerating naturally under the rapidly growing canopy.


A quick paddle from Karaka Bay Glendowie, Motukorea shares history with numerous Hauraki iwi and hapu.

Motukorea is included in volume 18 of A Journal of Botany (1980) here.

Andy Dodd heritage assessment (2006) provides some additional detail here.

Windsurf skills close, rig requires adjustment, descent to Karaka bay difficult, as were large lulls leaving the bay.

Next time may be paddling out and back on the tide, serious core exercise...