Saturday, December 29, 2012

petulant computing

After ignoring the Linux desktop all year I find that both my virtual machines are broken on OSX.

Installing latest Mint64 on VirtualBox was a total fail last week so I'm going to have one more go this week / year at some Linux development.

Day 1

8:07 a.m. download Ubuntu 12.04 32 bit

8:22 695MB download complete

8:24 boot iso file in virtualbox and begin install

8:28 setup credentials while installing, nice

8:46 installing language packs. Really?

8:48 Configuring hardware

9:03 Restarting...

9:10 first boot to desktop complete, download blitzmax, unpack to /home

9:14 running MaxIDE without complaint with a rebuilds docs even, but a helloworld wants g++

9:18 now blogging from Ubuntu and following is go after finding a terminal window and using
sudo apt-get install g++
Framework brl.standardio
Print "hello"
9:55 clipboard not working but MaxIDE is yet to crash and rebuild of modules followed by some flashing colors is sorted after the following additions
sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev
sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa-dev
sudo apt-get install libxxf86vm-dev
sudo apt-get install libxpm-dev
Graphics 640,480
While Not KeyHit(KEY_ESCAPE)
    SetClsColor Rnd(255),Rnd(255),Rnd(255)
11:32 back after some exercise, to quickly test digesteroids, fullscreen good, sound not so

11:34 download, chmod +x the binaries and install just the following
sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev 
11:59 finish installing guest additions and restarting for a few big checkouts...

12:56 found email from mark, copied latest official MaxIDE to maxgui repos

13:01 FLTK MaxGUI built and running in all it's unholy fugliness with 1 get
sudo apt-get install libxft-dev

13:09 back in monkey land, start downloading Qt Creator and 1 more get for glfw targets
sudo apt-get install libopenal-dev

13:22 QT Creator finally installed, off to play with Ted... 

13:57 Yikes, Google+ + Firefox = hideous performance outages...

14:10 Yikes, qtmax module is humungous

15:15 qtmax.mod built and examples working without further ado

Day 2

9:42 me, bothered? am I bothered? do I look bothered?

9:45 250 updates fave been selected, 189.9 MB will be downloaded

9:58 GLFW monkey firepaint working fine with few complaints
OpenGL Warning: Failed to connect to host. Make sure 3D acceleration is enabled for this VM.

AL lib: pulseaudio.c:331: PulseAudio returned minreq tlength/2; expect break up
10:08 reboot with Hardware Accelerated 3D enabled in Virtual Box, holycrud!

10:10 firefox still struggling, time for chrome...

10:23 chrome looks nice, gmail still chugfest but Blogger is feeling positively spritely

10:32 unity desktop is annoyingly bad, horribly unresponsive in basic ways

10:33 nice to be in such a slow environment, good apps shine, shit ones sink

10:58 flipped USE_XFT in fltk.mod/config.h so fonts stop making my eyes bleed

11:38 rebuild all modules and some caustic beats on the android later...

11:34 uploaded

Day 3

8:20 a.m. upgraded from 1280x800 to 1920x1080 while H is on holiday

9:02 removing xfree dependencies from BlitzMax system.mod and MaxIDE crashes.

9:05 removed utf8 processing in TOutputPanel write and we're building again

9:16 I give up, I will now park my mouse pointer at top left, stupid modern desktop design...

10:16 must remember, install all Ubuntu updates before installing Virtual Box additions

10:27 finished tidying up system.mod, removing xxf86vm dependent update with this code:

int bbSystemDesktopWidth(){
  Screen *screen=XDefaultScreenOfDisplay(x_display);
  return WidthOfScreen(screen);
int bbSystemDesktopHeight(){
  Screen *screen=XDefaultScreenOfDisplay(x_display);
  return HeightOfScreen(screen);
int bbSystemDesktopDepth(){
  Screen *screen=XDefaultScreenOfDisplay(x_display);
  return DefaultDepthOfScreen(screen);
int bbSystemDesktopHertz(){
  return 60;

10:30 it's high tide, time for a swim

16:17 and some tennis and  some game-storming with acid software's chief scientist

18:07 fixed fltk text interface with some utf8 conversion at the glue level

Day 4

9:41 Posted and then reflected on topic at bb, topic=99662#1171394, woza

2:59 back from olds, removed annoying bbusew= logging in my system.c module

3:25 unicode hopelessly broken in win32maxgui also, day of da feet

Day 5

7:29 small steps... just a little bit of TWindowsTextArea to start the day

8:30 after couple of hours playing we find this

Day 6

8:40 bad blogger style flow, at bottom of doc, enter does not end heading section


I'm most happy FLTK-MaxGUI and FLTK-MaxIDE are now back in usable form.

MaxIDE needs UTF8 pipe upgrades and some more testing.

21013 is year of MaxGUI I8N (internationalisation), more fixes due soon.