Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Garage Band Intro

Musicians needing a bit more groove during practice time can replace their metronomes with the loop meister inside Apple's Garage Band.

  1. Start a new project, there is no blank template so select the guitar one
  2. Enter a name for the project and for the purposes of this tutorial set tempo to 140
  3. Once running use the apps Control menu and select Show Tempo in LCD
  4. Select the loop browser, bottom left, third icon in. and select the filters Rock Blues, and Kits.
  5. Select from the Green note icons in the list to audition each option
  6. While auditioning the Tempo display at bottom middle of the display can be dragged up and down.
There are many high quality loops to be found.

Find something you like, dial up your resonant tempo, crank up the volume and practice those riffs till your fingers bleed. 

For some auditioning loops as a metronome replacement is possibly as good as it gets on the desktop version of Garage Band.

For more advanced users :

  1. Drag the green icons onto the worksheet to add new channels of sequenced drums
  2. Drag from the right edge of new tracks blocks to add loops
  3. Copy and paste the blocks to mix it up
  4. Enable loop mode - immediately right of the blue on black LCD panel
  5. Drag yellow loop bar (located above track display) from edge to edit duration
  6. Show the piano roll and scroll down two octaves to edit drum notes
  7. Use the Show Keyboard option to trigger and record notes from the keyboard

For more intuitive drum programming Caustic running on Android is recommended as a more old school alternative to the above.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


I had been thinking about an old friend and found this tribute by her Dad.

Cathy and her family were something special.

Arrested development meets Monty Python.

Cathy had the best birthday parties I have ever been to.