Tuesday, August 20, 2013

nitrologic on bandcamp

My home on bandcamp.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

VRJam MileStone 1

I've entered a long jam format programming competition.

First deadline for the Oculus VRJam achieved with some balls

and some monkey source showing the new Oculus target in action

and some blue balls...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Oculus Monkey

The Oculus Rift head mounted display is a lovely bit of VR kit.

After fluffing around in Windows chose MacOS as my first target due to superior rendering performance of GL on my GeForce 9400M lap warmer.

As there was a question about Blitz3D usage in the forums and the overall complexity of class level integration for Monkey is high, I am leaning towards a standard "C" glue layer that would fit all Blitz varieties instead of a specific Monkey solution.

A VRJam is underway this weekend, and I registered, so there is the matter of timing. A usable stub of Oculus SDK for Blitz3D, BlitzPlus, BlitzMax and Monkey is now the aim.

The SDK is apache open source, the stub will probably be the simpler zlib license.

If I had nothing better todo, I would be attempting to integrate a MAME component to drive virtual arcade machines. I am also big fan of the ideas notch (mr minecraft) has been sandboxing where VPU's are available as in game programmable objects.

Speaking of time:

Aug. 2 - VR Jam begins 9am PT 
Aug. 9 - Milestone 1 (image and game description) 
Aug. 16 - Milestone 2 (video of progress) 
Aug. 25 - VR Jam ends (final build submitted) 
Sept. 13 - Finalists announced 
Sept. 19 - Winners announced 
Oct. 3-6 - IndieCade Festival 2013