Saturday, November 30, 2013

music output

3 track loop I have been using for sax practise

a steinway recording from the new Main Stage 3

second release of electronica garbage band output

first release of electronica garbage band output

Sunday, November 17, 2013

AWS (amazon web services) notes and tribulations

incoherent ramblings from a single headed sysop...

The web cloud water closet of choice, which now has G2 allowing CG workers to use any old browser. I wonder if stylus data is a valid thing in web2.13, perhaps it could stream .png and be compatible with web1.995.

Note to self, default username on an aws linux machine is ec2-user

] sudo node ./server.js &
] jobs

Oh google, aws linux jobs, nah, man jobs, ja ha ha...

Ho google, kill jobs in linux, ja ha ha... is running again, curious how last session died, time for logging.

* add some logging to my primitive node.js server script
* reduce frame rate to reduce power consumption / laptop noise
* link to blog

Note to self 2:

] jobs -p
] sudo kill pid

Note to self 3:

> pstree -p
> sudo kill