Thursday, May 8, 2014

ninja coding in monkey

In 2K9 I took a sabbatical from the GPS industry and signed up as a Ninja Kiwi game developer.

At that time there were 2 designers and 4 or so pairs of coder artists.

I was put on in house mobile conversions

Great Timing

It was great leaving behind Visual Studio 2005 and Windows CE 5 from my last job and jumping to iPhone development in xCode. Apple added iPad to the mix in 2010 and capacitive touch screen gaming platform had arrived big time.

My first two conversions were (Bloons) Super Monkey, Chad's crazy cool meditation on the vertical scroller:

and a port of Power Pool - Derek's ball breaking pool sim, note the shot streak multipliers:

Both releases were native C++ hand translations of the original Action Script source, using a freshly minted EGL driver and host stuff.

At Ninja Kiwi we also had a game jam week where I got to do some particle based art and sound for the rhythm game BeatStreak 3000.


For Zombie Trailer Park I was able to switch to a programming language, coincidentally called Monkey from my good friend the independent compiler vendor Mark Sibly or BRL as he is known to his customers....

ZTP was awesome and a dream to develop.

It featured three 2Kx2K sheets of cell animation from Woric and some gifted design elements from the directors Chris and Stephen such as Priest incantations that could turn a horde back on itself and a Level 1 that separated those that know how to win at Monopoly from those that don't:

And then there was Hunt or Die, a web mashup deluxe (and very popular in Spain) with .monkey used inside a standard CS5 flash stage.

This was another in house game jam production with art, titles, overlays and polygon level and rendering done by Lee using CS5 and me using .monkey for the game engine, sprite drawing and box2d physics.

And last but not least Driller Bunny, a tilt phone game in .monkey.

a bit more info on that one here: