Tuesday, June 3, 2014

nsynth site update


homebrew holidays

The node based game server that starts and stops at nsynth.com is nearing 12 months old but the client code feels kind of new

There is a bug in portrait mode on my phone with an ominous button called Execute instead of my nice vector font terminal

[ All fixed in latest MonkeyX Release ]

The ping test bounces the same request, from Auckland to Sydney I am getting ~65ms turn arounds in chrome where as a standard icmp ping from the command line is reporting 34ms so research required....

the chat system is a simple relay running on a 1 hz refresh 

the shell login ignores everything you send it with a reply reporting the request headers

Client Side

The new Android monitor has no problem profiling the monkey game running on my ancient Ideos X5.

Replacing a glyph map with an array and the following keeps us happy, although ping is horrible compared to desktop. Hopefully a solvable issue.


Swerver Side

To keep the ping numbers honest we need 3 servers, Sydney, Virginia and Dublin.

Two new instances of my server are running and testing has begun.




Nearly enough IT for one day...