Saturday, December 20, 2014

android lollypop refresh

Between jobs and refreshing my technology chops...

Which begins with a download of TADP (nVidia's Tegra Android Dev Pack) but Eclipse based dev seems to have been deprecated so over to Android Studio where switching to Vampire mode (night palette) puts us in a far more positive mood.

Yup, it's December 2014 and lollipop device users are rounded to 0.0% which I am going to pretend is actually a good sized market for an independent such as myself to target.

After mistakenly making things too complicated by creating a new app for both "mobile" and "tv" I restart and stick with "mobile" only.

After first diversion in which Google points us to stack overflow for some gradle discussion in which an expert uses the term "work in progress" I fail to discover what "Picasso" dependency is even doing in my first project and move on with my second, where a blank app is now waiting for some experiments with Full Screen to be added to the menu.