Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chromacon 2015 Impressions

After immersion in the local alternative art scene today I feel compelled to pimp my favourites.

Beside the expected deviana, Russian and Chinese flavours contributed some compelling mental transforms.

It was also nice to see such a happy flow of Auckland families enjoying a sunny Sunday out.

I used the back of the BGR business card to note all other favourites so machineinstic gets first place with two images that made my own face contort. Top bloke too.

Chris Slane is the nicest bloke. I didn't realise how familiar I was with his older stuff for local magazine metro.

Nick Fedaeff has a daughter who was representing her dad at the show. He is Russian born. His images invaded deeper parts of my mind - total zarjazz.

Sakowski had an image that delivers brutal hit.

And to finish with even more total zarjazz, benjamin with best palette of day.