Friday, May 1, 2015

zombie assailant shark

old spreadsheets are fun, especially ones with zombies and trailer parks...

Fix sound clipping that happens when dozens of attack or damage sounds play on top of each other or in short succession
Even in 2D spatial audio is important as many things emitting from a single point is not a realistic scenario.

Like their women folk, the angry farmers in large groups tended to synchronise their tool wielding, the charms of clock work.

Pixel distance, world scale, speed of sound, fall off attributes of shotgun microphone attached to game camera etc...

Not All 8000 reviews were positive - Dalisar would make a great team lead:

20 years before coding Zombie Trailer Park I was a zombie sprite, proudly pictured here on title page for Vision Software Amiga gore fest.

Both Flash and Amiga are dead now, zombie hardware in death throws of last clock cycle never to read your code again.

Will C++ be engineering de rigueur 20 years from now or become a zombie platform itself?

If the recordings fade will the performance of our work continue or is the mozart of our age still some generations from conception?

Stay tuned.