Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I wuv Plen2

In my day Action Man was posable. Not sure about Plen.

The fund raising for second generation (187 backers at $66K) is less than an engineer roof year- and PLEN Project Committee actually have to deliver that many working robots!

Humble pie startup extraordinaire.

After release of software, we find github once again beholden of hidden treasures.

In this instance a json description of Plen2 in 3d.js format with much interesting TypeScript source code.
No need to View Page Info on this project in the cloud ☺.

TypeScript is the new Haxe and it seems Visual Studio Code recognises this new dialect so we can explore further into this domain...

Speaking of new dialects, Monkey2 just released it's first drop - exciting times!

Especially when current monkey development is surviving on the public bar model - patrons pay the bills peoples!