Saturday, July 25, 2015

web midi new horizons

Finally, the keyboard companies are advertising the wonder that is USB midi and calling it WEB MIDI enabled and dropping Chrome by name into their copy.

Overall the design of the webpage is classic.

However with Yamaha one expects pitch perfect. This is the company that has three tuning forks following best resonance practices in all their musical instruments.

Speaking of axis, 5.5 light hours away from the sun is a probe capturing among other things the impact of this sunlight on planet Pluto.

Here is one of the first images, rotated 90 degrees for purposes of this blog.

The hole on the right is for venting - we all have one.

And speaking of bouncing light across large open spaces. the Octane renderer from local boffins Refractive Software is achieving a stunning trajectory with new owners OTOY.

Octane breaks several laws of computing and harnesses new law of parallelism to deliver ray traced scenes at realtime speeds.

The VR industry also running HOT is loving the panoramic output options.

Watching the graphics industry evolve for demands of both controller and popcorn ends of the couch is fascinating.

As Octane is Auckland, we are giving Welliwood another worm hole of graphics universe a run for their money and having local players makes the future that much more interesting.