Friday, September 4, 2015

failure to engage

August 2015 turned out to be a rocky month.

Two phone calls from the Inland Revenue Department, an aborted attempt at an arts education, a serious period of rest and recreation leads us back to some quality time with BlitzMax and Monkey.

Last week featured a lot of Box2D experiments. The most fun being with a biped rag doll.

After measuring my height and other proportions on the office door frame I built the following simulation of myself.

This week the focus has been on using CMake as basis of new build system.

The following spinning cube on raspberry pi was a major mile stone yesterday as the C++ 11 requirements meant a little fiddling with a GCC 4.9 install on both pi required.

The CMake script builds static blobs of SDL2, Bullet and secret sauce for both Darwin and Debian Wheezy so Mac builds and runs from same build chain as the two pi.

Both raspberries have half their RAM allocated to ram disks mounted at /build.

Modifying the script for pi2 to use make -j 4 and clean builds are down to just minutes for the full stack.

Finally, I have added a new feature to my Monk editor so that the code tree can stay in sync with the cursor position.

Monk is a fork of MaxIDE the official BlitzMax editor I wrote while working for BRL. Although it can run on a Pi X session or in Windows I only use it on Mac.

It has quick keys to rebuild my experimental monkey fork called nitro. It is due for some deployment chops soon and of course full control of the automated build system, see current master plan...

Playing with IoT on Windows10 has been a real eye opener...

And I am more than excited about the imminent arrival of Monkey 2.

However, this month includes following items:
  • prepare to publish in Mac AppStore
  • get neith prototype running on new Raspberry and Apple cmake targets
  • place mini-me in a vehicle or on a bike and send him down a hill
  • organise / confirm some more contract work