Wednesday, October 21, 2015

pi@raspberrypi testing

With build issues behind me at last a fruitful 8 day week of API development for the new nitro game engine has it seems mile stoned with a suite of sanity tests for the Debian, Darwin and Windows targets.

This mornings tests on Pi2 target include PI itself.

The amount of error for sin of pi is a quick test to confirm 16 decimal places of accuracy math.

The next test confirms freetype engine is working by displaying a glyph from the Roboto-Thin true type face.

Freetype uses fixed point .6 units or (64ths) for subpixel accuracy. The ascii art here is a mask with * character meaning 8 bit saturation buffer for that pixel is not empty. Further tests for proper kerning to come.

The output of the following is audible and tests importing of samples from both .wav and .ogg file formats. Underneath my freeaudio engine loops, fades and mixes to audio device courtesy of SDL2.

Image codecs wired up and ascii tested for loading duties include png and jpeg.


Output from the 3D engine will be included in next blog once video recording feature is working (non ascii).

Some more info on the Nitro Entertainment System is here.