Sunday, November 1, 2015

pi@raspberrypi testing 2

Tasks before first release include copyright notices:

That list is missing the work in progress additions of portmidi, sqlite3, portaudio. 

The editor in use and a little odd on the C++ string handling.  Visual Studio Code also adds line status bars, still getting to know them, perhaps they denote health.

Code is an editor based on the atom and node github projects which for me are new shining lights on the horizon of cross platform goodness.

... a bit later

With portmidi and portaudio underway it is time to look at nitro rom design.

The first type of rom is a currently a dynamic library in native OS format coded in monkey language. The native formats being .dll, .dylib and .so for Windows, MacOS and Linux respectively.

The second type of rom is built using the C/C++ language directly. The first instance of these roms is an adapter rom based on the mame project and built using published cmake template.

The cmake build technology has made development of the proprietary core of Nitro Entertainment System a breeze. To use the same build chain for open source rom based work is going to be great and will play a big part of tackling some of the more significant future developments planned.

... a bit later

A meta-verse packed with historical data allowing virtual time travel.

Starting with some collections curated by yours truly of the year 1981.

Matrix white floor with crystal clear HD objects from my growing turbo squid license pool.

The unit model test is a box of sorts.

This arcade machine from 1981 has a great back story. Erased from history years later by a machine from the pinball dimension featuring a hollywood singularity of same name.

The purpose of these boxes was to allow youth to rank themselves among their peers on a public notice board called the High Score Table. 

A coin or credit is dropped in the slot at the front causing the machine to emit a loud and empathic greeting. 

A spinoff project is envisaged in which an Arcade Machine Orchestra performs coin drop sequences using both time and space connections to the meta-verse.

More project news coming soon on the new Acid Software facebook page.