Monday, November 16, 2015

work in progress

Todays blog will feature a train of disparate thoughts as I unravel a plan to get me to release.

New Target and Language Tables 

On realisation that Python holds top spot for Raspberry Pi developers I am going ahead this week and adding both Python and ECMAScript support to the Nitro Entertainment System SDK.

I have just added a read me and dreaming of a release before year's end:

The python support looks about as easy as an easy thing can be.

The V8 embedding for ECMAScript support is not so easy, but pretty exciting.

Evolving Concept

The Nitro SDK exposes both scene graph and frame buffer access points to a persistent meta-verse. 

The default home scene for the first release is likely to be a bench, an empty video game cabinet, a virtual 3D printer in the corner and virtual analogs to all devices discovered on the local area network with the nitro runtime installed.

The aim is to produce end nodes to allow creative potential to be applied and orchestrated in a realtime and immersive manner.

Mystical Lost Packet

Other vectors of research include the UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol or UDT4 to it's friends.

After success exchanging OSC packets with Derivative Touch Designer and Android Touch OSC (no relation) using plain UDP and a discussion about packet loss in the pub this protocol looks worthy of serious consideration.

3D Import

Like the Nitro3D API it seems wise to consider separation of file format for mesh and scene graphs with bones being replicated and or common to both.

The FBX importer got a few more improvements but not really functional.

Being undecided about the native geometry format we visit the very minimalist STL format, popular with 3D printer users and supported as first class citizen by the folks at

The Logical Mind

When exploring a space resonant points can indicate relationships.

A mathematician will recognise a common element and look to see if the equation from that point of view will simplify or add complexity when stating the equation.

A judge will iterate the woven relationships of a society's law in order to pass summary that is sound from all sides.

An the recreational programmer, well that is a topic for another day...

Here is a prototype from 6 months ago, with new foundation work complete a reconstruction period is nearly due.