Thursday, December 10, 2015


The Nitro Practise Session helps students practise and progress in musical skill.

It is intended to be used as teacher aide and self study gadget to give feedback on student practise sessions and encourage self improvement.

The interface is intended to use tone recognition as it's primary control interface and a fun R2-UknowWho style method of syntax to convey it's simple vocabulary.

Tools such as auto muting metronome and musical mime game will add small amount of scope when authoritarian level is set to relaxed.

It is intended that users of the Practise Session will improve time management when balancing the rhythms of music and daily life.

Help track weekly practise goals with time management function
  • Musical interface - play the notes A B C to interact with Practise Session interface 
  • Multi Instrument - scale and arpeggio rehearsal modes are instrument agnostic 
  • Expansion - provide SDK to allow application ecosystem and drive music community