Saturday, June 4, 2016

juvenile humour

When a company announces a game called Skidmarks in a magazine they call B.U.M. you had to worry that Acid Software was run by 7 year olds.

Male humans at age of 14 often choose to reverse emotional development. Bumping heads in variety of contact sports, some allowing up to 5 fouls per quarter, juvenile behaviour was retained to grease CRT joystick feedback loops at center of young adult gamer culture.


Chuckles aside the art of leaving Skidmarks atop tarmac, clay and astro turf bovine cities was a craft.

Indelible markers kept record of previous racing lines by scattering from the limited palette hatched  iso patchwork below.

Which leads us to some thoughts after being so lucky to play test the beta of Epic Skidmarks in development at Modka Games.

Wet Skidmarks.

Splashback Skidmarks.

Oil paint spillage on the road skidmarks.

Colour per bot skidmarks.

Sweaty VR skidmarks on your face skidmarks...