Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blitz User Magazine

Converting pagestream postscript to Mac readable output for local University Press was an Amiga toolchain of champions used for the first 6 issues of BUM.

Issue 7 was a complete copout and was floppy only but hey, it was blitz2.1 masters on 3 x 770KB Verbatim quality media which I suspect will still read accurately if suitably stored (neither soiled or baked).

Verbatim media was 100% reliable and properly shielded from being placed on large speakers played at large volumes.

Drives on office computers had a stack of 3 slaves and mastering time was from memory about half a cigarette in length.

I am unsure what the media was coming out of our Doncaster factory but I trust it was high standard also.  After helping Guildhall calibrate equipment for sibdos boot sectors in use on all Acid Software video games my respect for Giles and Martin was extremely high. I trust northern hemisphere bums were of similar quality media to those delivered by post bearing kiwi stamps.

As cash payments continued to cause compound rancour points at IRD and with an incrementing family I banged it all in a cardboard box and concentrated on the sports broadcasting business I had been developing.

As I haven't published a thing since, and after some monkey talk with Mark, am now actively contemplating some new kind of venture.

The original Blitz User Magazine was an educational publication. Being educated in the art of home computer programming was something people were willing to pay for and it felt good to close the loop between the language that Mark had produced and the user base that wanted to explore and know all it's nooks and crannies. And it was a lot of fun.

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