Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Game Design

Play at circuit level to defend the 80's synthesizer from a rapidly mutating electron feeding cyber virus.

The following reference are images of Yamaha YS200 synthesizer main logic board circa 1988.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

evolutionary pathways for language vendor

After some lively banter last weekend ranging from the stupidest idea ever to finders fees on sale of gold plated middleware tech from the heavens aka MonkeyX my current inclination is to consider pathways of evolution.

Applications have roadmaps, language vendors need evolution plans.

Not that there are that many language vendors left in the world.

That our local vendor is considering sale of equity outside it's sovereign reality (at bargain basement price) in terms of technology ownership makes me pause. So I left it a week...

Earlier I had linked in an unrelated email, monkey products from Blitz Research Limited to pooh and I suspect some of that may have wiped off on me. BlitzMax embraced the windows developer with a superior stack of DirectX, OpenGL desktop gadget drivers.

In terms of mobile, BlitzMax is so good, it did the arguably most correct thing, and ignored it.

Instead, MonkeyX transpiler technology was built (using BlitzMax) garnering high praise for it's flexible multi-target versatility. Even bespoke markets like Windows phone could now be plundered by blitzed vendors using keyboards not mice to code their addictive edge.

It is a bit sad that a product called MonkeyX doesn't support DirectX, either rename it MonkeyGL or drop the primate tag altogether I say.

Ignoring the source code licensing shredder / giant recycle bin of github we come to the present in which a small band of merry investors drop their coins in the developers purse to bootstrap an entirely separate strain of transpiler technology welded firmly to the underlying C++ compiler beneath.

Alongside, a small collection of new studios built on the blend of addictive edge and MonkeyX described above operate in the "vendor class" with their own specific requirements, technologies and potential.

Even after accepting many cold ales in the past I don't speak for Blitz Research. However, as an independent but most interested party I have been offered commission should the opportunity arise to secure MonkeyX as a vendor class tool for the approaching decade by way of technology transfer.

Those with an interest, acting independently or as part of a consortium, in the purchase of commercial rights to the MonkeyX technology stack are invited to contact me to discuss.

Simon Armstrong