Sunday, June 25, 2017

Mirror mirror

SiSOP week 3

Relocate php and database from old server - complete.
Merge monkey-x and blitzbasic db forums - mostly complete.
Find poets on twitter - ongoing.
Tune site for googlebot - mostly complete.
Meta enrichment - plan.

Grid Assault by Wiebo as featured on page 6 of the gallery 

Relocate php and database from old server - complete.

The 108 thousand blitz topics including  more than 1.3 million posts are now available as and the spiders on bots continue to index the site.

To optimize the crawling the server was moved from Tokyo to Virginia with a better spec of EC2 instance from Amazon Web Services to boot.

Posts by topic also required an additional index to speed up mysql and some tweaks to the php code. Last but not least, Apache configs such as KeepConnectionOpen=True were applied.

A huge thanks to the Chrome team for the most excellent network diagnostics included in the browser's developer tools!

Merge monkey-x and blitzbasic db forums - mostly complete.

The decision to merge the two sites is now complete. Bots are crawling. Indexes are incomplete.

Find poets on twitter - ongoing.

They use great fonts. Did you just ask me my favorite font face? You're a font face!

Speaking of fonts, here is a favorite, If you are not a Blitz3D or BlitzPlus user download, right button, install this guy, a multiple of 10 points for the win - blitz.fon

BlitzMax looking hot with 10pt Blitz.fon

Tune site for googlebot - mostly complete.

Tuning the google bot crawl rate is very odd. The original numbers were Tokyo with non indexed topics so now we are in Virginia and running optimal on a t2.nano instance. The recent drop in volumes due to googlebot being put back in don't tell me what to do mode.

Google says you must be mobile friendly. Reduction in mobile hostilities complete.

now mobile friendly without touching a single device

Meta enrichment

Using structured data extra fields are planned.

More standards applicable for this step with some more time required studying some of the definitions at

Initially a code / mime tag of bb2, bb, bmx, etc. is planned for all topics and code archives.

Extra step could be a popularity by reference count field, the most referenced code archive etc.

The gallery is in with simplified historical ordering for now and manuals when they make an appearance will hopefully both benefit from a popularity party.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Mirror constellation for legacy engineering

The Blitz Basic universe is experiencing some disruption this month as Blitz Research Limited moves to streamline their operations.

To free BRL from unrequited burden of hosting legacy support services User 5 is busy sharpening his php skills, and with written permission, is moving the site to his own server, allowing a costly premium grade service commitment to end after an extraordinary 16 years.

mirror status - in due course minus 1

the mirror is feature complete, here being tested with some branding and the best Code archives ever to be assembled by an outstanding community of coders

next steps are being discussed between interested parties so stay tuned.