Sunday, October 22, 2017


DirectX12 scratch and sniff

The mouse hover treatment on source code may well be a precursor for future novel enrichment schemes.

My Visual Studio muscle memory is slowly returning as break points are added and watch variables unfolded. Stereo = false FTW.

Mixed reality is coming.

I had the insight to install Visual Studio 2017 onto D: and am as usual awestruck with the volume of updates but after binging season 1 of the bridge and a short sleep I am up and running.

note to self #2 - extend dx12 timer and add jitter diagnostic 

Also from the dominant desktop department we check out the gltf display pipelines and smile out loud.

Grey Rainbows

This morning my wide color gamut world view goes in search of HDR control.

As we look forward to curb-siding the 12 bit family (bravia) telly and it's 0 dither rainbows of grey (RIP Fat Agnus 2).


Back on the home computer I am spending most of my time either developing or playing with Project V(icious) Synth.

A new release of vsynth will feature connectivity with Touch OSC surfaces and Midi controllers.

It was a surprise to find the Akai and Yamaha pitch wheels rest at different center points. The pitch wheel in midi uses a 14 bit value and having keyboard player start playing out of tune after touching a pitch wheel seems possible if not probable with one of these devices.

The scientist in me says I need to add another keyboard manufacturer to the lab / studio.

note to self #1 - scan all known midi files for pitch wheel rest value


After processing the new XInput deadzone description here the deadzone implementation strategy on the midi pitch wheel front seems more clear.

Nice to see bass guitar getting it's own entry.

After visiting 17 different solutions for reading the keyboard it is looking a little likely the most complex solution is the way to go. As with a lot of modern life the simplest things done take the most effort.

and no

After a bit of head scratching we end up linking to user32.lib and defining WINAPI_PARTITION_DESKTOP for x64 builds and raw mouse and keyboard devices magically appear courtesy GetRawInputDeviceList.

and no

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

wall meet fly

a typical jam session from the tat, mellows in second half

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

project vsynth

Distortion courtesy e to the negative V from triangle oscillators bent by humans.

Local v:=samples[s]
If v>0 v=1-Exp(-v) Else v=-1+Exp(v)