Thursday, June 7, 2018

by the end of the decade

by the end of the decade

the lives of 2 billionaires have been lost in space
lego figurine population surpasses bird population
immortality jars on the show futurama increase

Monday, June 4, 2018

hell intro

confronted the same freedom camper in hall at work this morning,

for domestic homeless I would bring blankets, the euro variety with brand name backpacks just get my goat

yelling "get out of this building" into the stair well was a reminder to bring saxaphone to work on weekends, especially the long ones.

where will it end?

out in the street yelling "get off my pavement"?

"are you part of a network?" I asked

"last week you on your phone you was trying to look like you were" I said

"you have only pretend friends?" I asked and immediately regretted.

I know someone that loves you....

God loves you.