Saturday, July 13, 2013

vintage restoration project

I recovered my old Marshall Artiste, what a beast, weighs 3 times heavier than it looks.

It has 2 channels.

Channel 1 is a bit fancy, there is Reverb (spring I think) and Presence and after playing through it this morning I discover can deliver a range of tone I am not use to. With Bass at 0 (programmer speak for 1) the volume is very quiet but adjustment lets me drive it at about what I would consider safe volumes for the speakers. For vocals volume at 10 is just at feedback levels for the mic I was using so it's OK but would be nice to have some headroom. 

Channel 2 is raw, only has bass, treble and volume but is spectacularly loud and any thing past 5 is possibly pretty bad for both speakers, ear drums, and neighborhood considerations. The signal increase on the bass channel is equally spectacular compared to what I am use to.

I am not sure if this is by design and I haven't worked out how to pump output of 1 into 2 (TODO).

The "brass" plate is pretty worn and most of the numbers are gone and I don't want to remove the sticker that says "Supplied by Van Gents Music 501 883 Greenlane, too many memories. Including a Fender Rhodes piano I would give my left nut to get back.

Last night after some research I was considering auctioning the thing  to raise funds for a new bass quad, but changed my mind after cleaning it up and playing on it for an hour this mornin. 

Before looking into restoring the speakers and cabinet I need to find someone better than last guy I took it to for a service...