Sunday, February 9, 2014

.Windows monkey target

.xna monkey target

In the year 2014 some things stay the same, some things change very slowly..

After all the Windows 8 hoo-ha it is nice to find after recently upgrading myself that Games for Windows is alive and well if not a little hidden on the new OS.

To get developing using monkey xna target, the following installs were required:

Install Games for Windows Marketplace from here

Install Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express from here

Install XNA Game Studio 4.0 from here

A discussion on on such things has begun here

This sequence worked for me on a pretty clean Windows 8.1 setup with the caveat that I removed XBox and Phone7 targets from the monkey generated solution so I could focus on a Games for Windows desktop target.

To get an old  prototype working I'm wiring up a new target that will depend on

System.Net - for http(s) requests
KinectSDK for playing with sensors - here
Midi IO here -


Umm, thanks NVIDIA but ALLCAPS aside, free sounds like a better offer 2me...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend development on Maze Race has already started...