Sunday, September 7, 2014

BlitzMax OpenGL 2...

OpenGL2 seems a lot more differenter than the OpenGL found in BlitzMax150.

Not ever getting my feet wet using OpenGL in BlitzMax (not ever!.!) I am going a bit slow.

First step was to update pub.glew to v1.08 featuring fresh glew 1.11.0 files. And the results of that mission, awaitin a home...

Mix that with some OpenGLES headers from brucey:

And my shader code that works on raspi.egl device should run on my laptop.


I will need OpenGL2 which MacOS and windows 7 says na-ah to GeForce 9400M. M obviously short for not a GeForce or Not OpenGL2 capable. Or I might be doin' something wrong. Following returns false:
Local err=glewinit()
Print "EGL test suite version 0.3"
Print "GLVersion2="+GL_VERSION_2_0
Which leaves me facing the alternative solution that is Angle, an Almost Native Graphics Layer Engine for DirectX9 and 11.

A good thing BlitzMax150 has new feature that lets me do this:

 ModuleInfo "CC_OPTS:-std=c++11"

However Angle also needs some extre help building on MinGW/GCC which QT5 eludes to when googled, caution to the wind I create axe.angle module here

 svn co

and get this mission started...

This module is possibly 50% complete with I think only dx renderer classes now needed to build without errors.

As it is father's day and I have overeaten it may need to wait for another day.